What is the difference between a Property Stylist vs Interior Designer?

There are some crossovers between these two, but there are also some distinctive differences between them. If you’re considering hiring professional help with your home, it is important to know these differences so you can make the right choice for your circumstances and needs. It is your home and surely you would want to get this right!

A Property Stylist dresses home with furniture and decorative items usually in preparation for a sales campaign. In Melbourne property styling is most commonly used by real estate agents BEFORE a professional photographer takes marking photos of the property.

Clients are influenced to hire a stylist in order to maximise the visual appeal of their property and to boost their home sale price.

Their primary job is to beautify spaces by adding, editing, or collating items. They can change the look of any room without any structural alterations.

If your home needs a touch-up, especially for an auction campaign, then a property stylist is the correct choice. They operate on a freelance basis, can visit your home, can advise and quote, and complete the job quickly.

An Interior Designer plans interior spaces according to the homeowners brief. They usually work closely with the architect and can either help with a renovation or design an entirely new space that’s functional, comfortable, efficient, and is visually pleasing.

An Interior Designer adds services broader than that of a stylist, and their training is much more significant. Formal training can take up to 4 years which gives them great knowledge to work with a broader architectural community.

They can help design a room from scratch which can include structural alterations like removing walls, new kitchens/bathrooms, as well as decorative changes such as cabinetry and carpentry. They work closely with architects and the owners to collaborate and create a complete package for a home.

These two roles may seem alike, but they differentiate greatly. A stylist is hired to dress a home using décor such as furniture, rugs, artwork, etc. Whereas, a designer is usually hired during the property design phase to layout the interior structure such as walls, fireplaces, staircase design, etc.

Their charges differ also. Interior designers generally charge more for their services. However, if decorators are brought in to do shorter projects, such as design one room or two, then they can cost much less than if a whole house was transformed.

As property stylists in Melbourne, our aim is to MAXIMISE YOUR SALES PRICE and sell your property FASTER!